09 / 22 / 2018


地味なものが好きだ。なんとなくそう思って生きてきた。が、『STÜSSY Harajuku』の仕事の依頼を受けた時、僕が若い頃に着ていた蛍光文字の施されたTシャツを思い出していた。たぶんそれは、10代の頃に浴びていた明るい陽射しを思い出す感覚と似ている。STÜSSYとそれとは、一見結びつかないようだけど、直感的にそう思った。理由はわからない。理由なく、ただただその光にあこがれ、この店を想った。



建築家 荒木信雄 / アーキタイプ


“Longing for Neon”

I’ve always thought I loved the modest things, and I’ve been vaguely thinking that my whole life, but when I was offered this opportunity to rebuild the STÜSSY Harajuku store, I remembered the neon lettered T-Shirt I used to wear when I was young. This is sort of like having a flashback of bathing in the bright sun rays in my teens. STÜSSY and my flashback memory may have nothing to do with each other, but I could not ignore my initial thought, I don’t know why… But I yearned for the rays and imagined this store.

The store is nestled in the heart of Harajuku area, made up of two floors with one on the ground and one in the basement and it can be split up into three primary areas. The kiosk space is what used to be the windbreak room of the old structure and behind this is a empty space accommodated for variety of projects and usage in the future. When you take the staircase down into the basement floor, the store space awaits where you will find the newest STÜSSY collection. The gradation between the road - kiosk - empty space - store is the prime character of the store. And the space is signed and sealed with it’s neon color used throughout. I can’t pinpoint the reason for this but it may have something to do with my longing for youthfulness.

This store was born out of respect to youthfulness, and for STÜSSY’s future.

Architect Nobuo Araki / The Archetype

About Nobuo Araki

1967年熊本生まれ。1990年西日本工業大学建築学科を卒業。 その後、1997年The Archetype設立。 現在、西日本工業大学客員教授。

Born in 1967 in Kumamoto, Japan, Araki graduated from the Nishinippon Institute of Technology with an Architecture degree. Then he founded The Archetype in 1997. Currently, Araki is a visiting professor at the Nishinippon Institute of Technology.